If you are in the process of exploring PRTF or would like to make a referral to Cambia Hills of East Bethel, please refer to our Referral page. Paperwork submitted prior to being approved for admission will not be accepted.

If your child has been approved for admission to Cambia Hills of East Bethel, the following information will help to prepare you for your first day:

What forms should I complete before admission?

    Who do I send these forms to or contact if I have questions?

    Please bring the following with you on your first day:

    • Insurance Card (including prescription card if separate)
    • Photo ID
    • Belongings (see our packing/restricted items list HERE)

    What to expect on your first day:

    • Check in at the front desk with your photo ID and insurance cards and to complete any necessary paperwork.
    • Next you’ll complete intake forms with our admissions coordinator.
    • Then you’ll meet with a Registered Nurse to discuss medications and health concerns.
    • Next you’ll meet with ISD 916 to discuss school enrollment and education concerns.
    • Finally, you’ll meet with our Unit Manager and Therapist to discuss your individualized treatment needs.