Our Facility

 We are just 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Room Style

A 60-bed facility divided into eight specialized residential suites of 6-8 beds. Colorful, contemporary design.  Spacious residential suites with vaulted ceilings and scenic views.

37 Acre Wooded Site

We have a half-court gym, large sensory rooms, we are a 37-acre wooded site with walking and riding trails, geocaching, animal husbandry, gardening, we have ample and secure courtyards.

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In-patient services in a residential setting.

Brand new modern facilty.

Child-focused from the Ground Up


Large heated window nooks.

Site Features


A 60-bed facility divided into eight specialized residential suites of 6-8 beds

37 Acre Site

Walking and riding trails, geocaching, animal husbandry, gardening, ample and secure courtyards.

On Site Educational Services

We have a full staff of education professionals with  experience and knowlegde.

Kid friendly

With gyms, outdoors activities, great food and cool living spaces children love our facility.

Site Specifications

The Building

  • 63,000 square feet
  • Eight Residential Suiteseach with four two-person bedrooms
  • Total of 60 licensed beds
  • Ten classrooms
  • Two sensory rooms
  • Two tele-psychiatry rooms
  • Lobby, Gymnasium, Training Room, Commercial Kitchen, Famliy Lounge and Administrative Offices

The Grounds

  • 37.3 wooded acres
  • Scenic views
  • Large courtyards
  • Gardening
  • Geocaching
  • Walking and riding trails
  • Animal husbandtry


Making Sure Every Child Belongs

Where do people—young and old—feel they belong? Where they see their art. Where their books are read and their songs are sung. Where they find food that tastes like home and people who look like them. We are working with community leaders, service organizations, advocacy groups, and others to create a place where every child belongs—regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin.

letting kids be kids

The Fun

Kids love fun and we engage in fun with the children in so many ways.

Colorful. Surprising.


Lasting, fun and rewarding relationships are  a key vehicle of change.

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We Save Lives Everyday

Cambia Hills

900 189th Avenue NE East Bethel, MN 55011

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