Our Mission



We provide unwavering hope and opportunity for youth, families and communities.


Culture is inclusive in nature and pertains to language, class, race, gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, abilities and other diversity factors. Our vision is to recognize, affirm and value the worth of individuals, families and communities while protecting the dignity of each.


Caring—Staff and students will understand, respect and show compassion for each other and all cultures.

Commitment—We will utilize resources and assets in a way that embraces diversity and commits to undoing racism.

Courage—Staff and students will have the courage to meet challenges and take pride in their accomplishments.

Integrity—We will maintain standards of excellence based on respect, honesty and professionalism.

Learning—We consider education and learning the keys to personal growth.


We offer a continuum of care for adolescents by providing quality programs that emphasize a strength-based, youth empowerment philosophy in a trauma informed care setting.

Youth empowerment is a powerful tool that:

  • Allows young people to become partners in healing
  • Helps young people learn new skills
  • Supports the development of inherent strengths so that young people can be successful in their lives

Our programs promote behavioral, emotional and physical health and guide youth toward breaking down barriers and building self-esteem. We encourage:

  • Focusing on young people’s assets and strengths
  • Building genuine relationships with youth and families
  • Facilitating young peoples’ service to their communities
  • Respecting children’s rights to self-determination
  • Believing that change is possible
  • Believing that all people and all communities have resources
  • Embracing empowerment as a process and goal