About Us

Our belief is that every child has potential. It is what drives our dedication to improve the lives of at-risk and troubled young people. Trauma informed care is infused into all aspects of our programming. Understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of trauma and the role it plays in at-risk behavior allows us to provide a managed setting where trust is fostered. In our program, young people are able to endeavor to make positive changes, discuss personal issues, build empathy and understanding for others and learn that they are not alone in their journey toward a positive, successful future.

A New Opportunity

In 2016, the Minnesota Department of Human Services invited healthcare providers to submit proposals to develop a new level of mental health services for children. The Hills Youth and Family Services has served children facing tremendous challenges for over 40 years. We saw the invitation as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a treatment experience that surprises and heartens every child who walks through our doors. We saw an opportunity to connect them to the natural world by giving every residential suite expansive views of our wooded campus and by drawing them outside with inviting green space, trails, gardening, and animal husbandry experiences. We saw a way to engage children as partners in their own recovery by keeping them safe, by earning their trust, by helping them discover their own worth – and by helping them repair the broken relationships in their lives. We want to do all of this without turning children into patients. We want to provide world class care that still lets kids be kids. At the new Cambia Hills of East Bethel, we can…with your help.


Jeff Bradt

Chief Executive Officer

We offer a variety of services that include free after school care, youth mental health services and treatment for adjudicated youth. Our services are rooted in family, community and nature. Our programming focuses on trauma repair, social development and relationship building – all to create a stronger sense of self.

Youth in the Woodland Hills Juvenile Justice and Cambia Hills Mental Health residential treatment programs live on our 140 acre facility in Duluth, MN that includes a small hobby farm and robust outdoor activities.

Woodland Hills Juvenile Justice program provides trauma-focused residential treatment in a non-secure youth facility for adjudicated youth ages 12-18 (up through 21 if under Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction). For decades, Woodland Hills Juvenile Justice program has been a leader known to help youth redirect their path to a successful future. The core of our treatment is the belief that youth have the potential for responsible behavior.

Cambia Hills Youth Mental Health program provides trauma-focused residential, day treatment and community-based mental services for youth. Community-based counseling services are available for youth ages 6-17 in flexible locations including their school and/or home setting. Day treatment programming provides a structured school setting and therapeutic services throughout the year. Residential treatment programming offers therapeutic services for youth who are struggling to maintain their safety and need intensive treatment placement.

Neighborhood Youth Services is a free after school program located at the Washington Center in Duluth’s Central Hillside. The program provides free drop-in prevention and enrichment programs for school-aged youth. NYS is a comprehensive, full-service program that provides year round programming. Programming includes academic support, recreational activities and free healthy snacks and meals.