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What is a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)?


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid define PRTF as a separate, stand-alone entity providing a range of comprehensive services to treat the psychiatric condition of residents on an inpatient basis under the direction of a physician: the purpose of the service is to improve the resident’s condition or prevent further regression so that services are no longer needed.




Cambia Hills of East Bethel (PRTF) is designed to serve children who:


o Are 6-17 years of age
o Struggle with long-standing mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, reactive attachment disorders, psychosis, and/or mood dysregulation.
o Experience long-standing suicidal ideation and/or self-injurious behavior
o Require long-term, intensive psychiatric intervention in a safe, secure and supervised setting
o Have the ability cognitively and behaviorally to engage in intensive therapy

Cambia Hills of East Bethel serves our resident’s families through:
o Involvement in all phases of treatment planning
o Parent education classes
o Weekly family therapy
o Continuity of care provided at discharge 

Referrals to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Referrals to Psychiatric Residential Teatment Facility may be made by a licensed mental health professional from the community or acute care settings, along with the parent or legal guardian. Family participation in treatment planning is required. Please complete the Cambia Hills Referral Form.  Questions? Email Our fax number is 763-762-5535.