Utilization Management/Admissions Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Metro Chief Operating Officer

Direction from:  Metro Chief Operating Officer; Director of Nursing


Responsible for management of referrals and admission process to Cambia Hills of East Bethel. Responsible to promote excellent internal and external relationships.

Perform and manage duties associated with referral and admission processes to ensure the appropriateness of referrals and that customer needs are met in a professional manner. Strive to maintain the occupancy rate at or above budget. Promote Cambia Hills of East Bethel and The Hills Youth and Family Services, to customers in the children’s mental health field.

Review precertification requests for medical necessity, referring to the Medical Director if additional expertise is required.

Review Clinical information for concurrent reviews, extending the Length of Stay for residents as appropriate.

Maintain accurate records of all communications and interventions.

 Support facility and departmental QA/QI initiatives.

A. Respond to inquiries about programming from parents, referral agencies, and the community.

B. Utilize crisis intervention methods when working with parents or clients during pre-admission, when necessary.

C. Enter clients’ referral information into database and ensure all required referral documentation is obtained in a timely fashion.

D. Coordinate with program leadership to assess the appropriateness of clients referred to the residential program through a review of background documents, assessment tools, referral information, and admissions criteria.

E. Write letters to families, referents and other stakeholders as necessary.

F. Coordinate admission/discharge dates/times.

G. Manage facility bed management functions.

H. Generate admissions reports to include, although not be limited to weekly, quarterly, and yearly summaries, and requested county-based reports.

I. Maintain referral and admissions forms and packets and update as necessary.

J. Keep admissions information current on agency and community websites.

K. Communicate census status with leadership weekly to ensure a proactive response to occupancy rate.

A. Provide tours as requested.

B. Promote Cambia Hills of East Bethel at marketing events such as seminars and conferences.

C. Share trends and advocate for services needed to enhance our care continuum and brand based on the customer perspective.

D. Attend marketing meetings and be prepared to share real-time data related to referrals, admissions, projections as well as customer feedback.

A. Maintain a clear understanding of The Hills programs to effectively promote the organization and its mission.

B. Maintain an understanding of the juvenile justice and social services systems, mental health and treatment field in order to effectively communicate and understand Cambia Hills of East Bethel’s position on issues in the marketplace.

C. Work collaboratively with the Admissions team and cross-train.

D. Serve as an effective leader and member of the Admissions and Leadership teams.

E. Consult and cooperate with appropriate staff members regarding admissions, marketing, research and student data, and facilitate harmonious working relationships.

F. Work with Admissions team and relevant staff to identify, plan and implement marketing, and/or research projects.


A. Possess strong written, verbal and communication skills.

B. Possess strong organizational and time management abilities.

C. Ability to present oneself to the public in a professional manner.

D. Have a working knowledge and experience with Windows environment and MS Office Professional with an emphasis on Excel and electronic health record system.

E. Working knowledge of DSM-V.

F. General knowledge and understanding of medical terminology, including psychotropic medications.

G. Working knowledge of Data Privacy laws, HIPAA, and standards governing confidentiality to insure that proper guidelines are being maintained.

H. General understanding of juvenile justice and mental health/social service systems.

I. Maintain a good driving record and possess a valid driver’s license.


A. BA or BS in psychology, social work or related field.

B. Mental Health Practitioner or Master’s degree in behavioral health preferred

C. Prior work experience in a behavioral mental health service delivery setting is preferred.

D. Minimum Two years of prior experience with Utilization Management

E. Previous training and demonstrated competence in negotiations, quality assurance, case management outcomes, and keyboarding/computer use.

Cambia Hills East Bethel

Staff is hired based on qualifications and aptitude for a particular position. In considering an applicant, attention is given to education, experience, and specific needs of the agency.

Employment requirements may include:

  • Tuberculosis skin test
  • Criminal background check, including fingerprinting
  • Department of Motor Vehicle history checks
  • Completed applications will be maintained in our active files for one year from the date of application. You may submit a new application for an open position at any time.


A comprehensive benefit package is available to staff working a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Benefits include:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Retirement plan, with company match
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Paid sick leave
  • Personal emergency leave
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Flexible Benefit Plan
  • Family-friendly policies and supportive work environment

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